10 Things I Always Pack for the Dogs on Lake Trips.

Packing up the car and heading to the lake to unwind for a couple days is my all time favorite summer activity. And it is definitely high on Finn’s list of favorite things too. As soon as we hit the dirt road that leads to our cabin, his head pops out the window and he starts sniffing out the animals he will no doubt terrorize and stalk during his visit.


Creating a stress-free and safe environment for the dogs always makes the weekend more enjoyable for me, so I make sure to pack the essentials to get us through.

  1. Tie outs: Blue (the hound) needs to be attached to something sturdy at all times if he is going to be outside. That nose of his will have him in another county before we even realize he is gone! Finn uses his tie out a little more sparingly, especially if the lake is quite and the dogs down the beach aren’t out playing; but he likes to spend most of his time in the bay with his head down a muskrat hole, so I’ll keep him tied up if I don’t want to have a filthy dog to deal with. I will sometimes leave the tie out attached to Finn, but with the other end free. Finn doesn’t really run off, he just wanders… so I can just grab the tie out if he gets too far or I need him to come back. I am always careful about letting them in the water with their tie outs on though because I am terrified that they will get it caught on something and drown. (Mind you, they are never in water deeper than my waist, and there is nothing in the water for them to get caught on..but I am a spastic dog mom!)Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  2. Water toys: Typically a stick is enough to entertain them in the water, but if I am really trying to give Finn a a good swim workout, a tennis ball or Frisbee is easier. I love the Chuck It brand tennis balls, as they are sturdy enough to withstand Finn’s jaw strength. They don’t break as easily, and stay buoyant longer than regular tennis balls. IMG_6695
  3. Blankets: If it’s not too hot outside, I try to keep the dogs tied up in the front yard as much as possible. To keep the annoying ants and bugs at bay, I like to lay old blankets out in the shade so they are more comfortable.
  4. Extra water dishes: This one seems a little obvious, but I have been guilty of letting the dogs go too long without enough water when they are outside. Now I try to make sure that there are water dishes littered around the yard so they always have water available without them having to go inside to drink.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  5. Extra food: With all the playing, swimming, sniffing and fresh air, I like to keep extra food around if they will eat it. Usually they are too busy to eat their usual daily serving, but I would rather have too much than too little!
  6. Baby gate: Unless it is just us at the cabin, I try to be respectful of the people that aren’t used to dogs 24/7 and gate the dogs off during meals. Between guests being more willing to share their table scraps than we like, and the annoyance of a dog underfoot when you’re cooking and eating, it usually makes it a little easier and more enjoyable for the humans and dogs to have them out of the way!
  7. Bones: The pooches can get a little spoiled with constant entertainment and attention while up at the lake, so having a distraction for them when you are busy doing other things is crucial in my opinion. I will give them bones on their blankets outside sometimes, but they also really like going into separate rooms and having some alone time to enjoy them.  IMG_6614
  8. Benedryll: Between the hound’s allergies and Finn’s extreme aversion to loud noises, having Benedryll handy is basically a necessity. There are all kinds of irritants in the form things in the water, and their noses constantly being to the ground that the dogs can get a little miserable and itchy. Plus, when there is a storm, or someone is letting off fireworks nearby, a Benedryll seems to be just enough to calm Finn down. I am looking into getting him a Thunder Coat, or using this Ace Bandage trick, because he can get himself really worked up. OF COURSE check with your vet before administering ANY sort of medication to your dog. Dosing and contraindications are obviously differing for dogs vs humans. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  9. Their beds: I think having the beds that the dogs sleep in at home (when they aren’t sleeping in OUR beds!) helps them sleep better in a different place. And if the dogs sleep well, the rest of the cabin sleeps well too!
  10. Shampoo: Finn hates baths in the tub at home, but he LOVES being in the water at the lake! I try to use this to my advantage at the end of the weekend with a bath right before we head out. Plus, it is important to wash off anything he may have gotten into around the cabin or in the water. IMG_6713

Whew! This was a comprehensive list!! What are some of your go-to things to pack when traveling with your dog? What am I missing?


Summer ’17 Bucket List: Moped Edition

Now that we have solidified our South Minneapolis Hipster status by adding a moped to the family, I have been contemplating all the fun places I’ll be able to drive it. (The fact that Shirley only goes 38 mph puts a bit of a damper on things, but luckily we live in a neighborhood with plenty of fun places near by.)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  1. South Lyndale Liquors

I’ve already done this one, and was pretty proud of myself, because it was my first shopping trip via moped. There is something a little exciting about putting a bottle of vodka in your backpack. It makes high school Lindsay pretty happy. Also, obvious where our priorities lie.

2.  Bread and Pickle

This is the 2nd summer we have spent so close to this Lake Harriet gem, and we have yet to go. It’s kind of a disgrace. And they make their own dog treats, so I’ll be filling the seat with those to bring home for the dogs. (No side-car for Finn…yet!)

3.  The Malt Shop

Are you sensing a theme here? Mind you, only one person fits on the moped, so I will either a) be eating a lot of meals by myself. (totally cool with that) or b) making my SO drive the car to meet me somewhere. (totally cool with that too) Not much is going to make me happier than cruising down the street, sun shining, Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookie Dough milkshake in my lap.

4. Cafe Maude Happy Hour

I love the outdoor patio at Cafe Maude, and again it’s a place oh so close, that I have never visited. And sparkling rose on a hot summer evening sounds absolutely amazing.

5. Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Finally, something not food related! (Although I’ll probably pack a snack.) This seems like the type of place to sit back and relax with a book for an hour or so. I drove by this garden with the windows down the other day, and the smell from the road was enough to make me want to just set up a tent and move in for a day or two.

I am hoping to hit all of these places and more over the Summer, and since I am continually getting lost, I will probably find some other spots I didn’t even know existed to add to my list!

And if you see me riding Shirley around these spots, please don’t honk at me. I know I am going slow, I am just focusing on not tipping over. Mopeds are hard!!


Dog Friendly: Wild Minds Artisan Ales

We might be a little biased because it’s our neighborhood brewery (South Minnie-woop woop!) but one of the best local breweries to bring your pooch has to be Wild Minds Artisan Ales. Killer beer menu aside, Wild Minds has turned this old warehouse into the perfect inside/outside location to enjoy their barrel-aged ales for two and four-legged patrons alike!


You can almost always find a dog or two hanging out while their owners enjoy the ever changing tap list and rotating food trucks, and the staff is kind enough to leave out a couple water dishes on warmer days. The outdoor patio is one of our favorite places to nab a table, (get there early!!) so we can enjoy the sunshine, and Finn can nap under the table and wait for kids to come pet him. Wild Minds has done a great job creating an outside oasis in the middle of an area that’s home to a school bus lot and lots of metal buildings by adding a huge patch of grass out front near the parking lot, so you feel like you’re having beers in your backyard. (Which is NOT an invitation to let your dog “relieve” themselves there!) We usually bring a bone for Finn to chew on, because there are so many different beer options, we always end up staying longer than we planned!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

If you haven’t visited this South Minneapolis gem yet, put it on your calendar! And be sure to check their website to see what food truck will be on site.


And if you see Finn there, come pet him. He likes to have the space between his eyes scratched.




The first picture on this post was taken from the Wild Minds website. All other pictures are my own. 

The Yellow Cabin


IMG_3253IMG_3285Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

I couldn’t be more excited that lake season has officially begun. My family has a cabin North of Brainerd that I have gone to every summer for as long as I can remember. It may be a little dated compared to some of the beautiful lake homes people are building now, but having the chance to spend my summer weekends on the same beach where my dad spent his summers as a kid is a special thing that I try not to take for granted. It’s a place where you can unplug, unwind, and spend your days lounging by the beach on the lake out front and enjoying the calm of the small bay to the side. We start our day on the beach, with a cup of coffee, and usually end it with a fire and a burnt marshmallow in the same spot. The first weekend that I was fostering Finn, I brought him up to the lake, and he really started coming out of his shell there. Two summers later, he spends his days hunting critters, chasing waves and napping in the sun. We are lake people/dogs through and through, and both of us are a little happier when we pull up to that yellow cabin.

The beginning of One Girl, One Dog.

I purchased onegirlonedog.com over a year ago, and I’ve started at least 7 blog posts since then. If I ever did hit “publish”, I almost immediately deleted the post. I have been avidly reading and following blogs for years and have always had an interest in blogging myself, but I just never seemed to put it all together; the courage to start one (NOT that blogging is a heroic act by any means, but it does take a little burst of something to continue to put your thoughts, pictures, and ideas out there for people to have a judgement on.) or the content created to continue to post more than once every three months. Maybe I’m not ready now either, but here I am; starting another blog post in hopes that this will be the time that it sticks.

If you continue to visit One Girl One Dog, you will have to prepare yourself for plenty of dog pictures. Not only do I treat my dog Finn like the prodigal son, but I hope to use this blog to showcase other adoptable dogs, and the joys of adopting vs purchasing a dog. (Oh, and I also have another dog now, my boyfriend’s mutthound, Blue!) You’ll also get to follow along on some of our travels, with and without the pooches, as well as some of the antiques I find along the way. (We are always on the hunt for an antique shop to peruse while on vacation, or even an alley to drive down to find some free furniture!)

You will not find cat pictures here.

You will also never have to “read” a thousand words on my political views, societal views (unless that involves the welfare of animals. I picked my cause, and I try my best to stick to that one.) or any topic, really. I will be filling the screen with pictures, hopefully ones that continue to look better and better, as I teach myself how to use my new camera for more than pictures of Finn sleeping on the couch.

In fact, this will probably be the longest post I ever post. If you made it this far, congratulations! If you just skimmed through, I get it. As a reward either way, here are some cute pictures of Finn (+Blue).

I hope you visit again!