The beginning of One Girl, One Dog.

I purchased over a year ago, and I’ve started at least 7 blog posts since then. If I ever did hit “publish”, I almost immediately deleted the post. I have been avidly reading and following blogs for years and have always had an interest in blogging myself, but I just never seemed to put it all together; the courage to start one (NOT that blogging is a heroic act by any means, but it does take a little burst of something to continue to put your thoughts, pictures, and ideas out there for people to have a judgement on.) or the content created to continue to post more than once every three months. Maybe I’m not ready now either, but here I am; starting another blog post in hopes that this will be the time that it sticks.

If you continue to visit One Girl One Dog, you will have to prepare yourself for plenty of dog pictures. Not only do I treat my dog Finn like the prodigal son, but I hope to use this blog to showcase other adoptable dogs, and the joys of adopting vs purchasing a dog. (Oh, and I also have another dog now, my boyfriend’s mutthound, Blue!) You’ll also get to follow along on some of our travels, with and without the pooches, as well as some of the antiques I find along the way. (We are always on the hunt for an antique shop to peruse while on vacation, or even an alley to drive down to find some free furniture!)

You will not find cat pictures here.

You will also never have to “read” a thousand words on my political views, societal views (unless that involves the welfare of animals. I picked my cause, and I try my best to stick to that one.) or any topic, really. I will be filling the screen with pictures, hopefully ones that continue to look better and better, as I teach myself how to use my new camera for more than pictures of Finn sleeping on the couch.

In fact, this will probably be the longest post I ever post. If you made it this far, congratulations! If you just skimmed through, I get it. As a reward either way, here are some cute pictures of Finn (+Blue).

I hope you visit again!



2 thoughts on “The beginning of One Girl, One Dog.

  1. Good luck on your blogging adventure! Just remember, you are your own worse critic. If there is something you want to say, say it and get out of your way.

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