Travel Essentials: Banff Edition

I’m the type of traveler that starts making lists of what I’ll pack and what outfits will work best about a month before the trip . This trip to Banff hasn’t been any different.

I’ve already had to reevaluate the clothes I planned on bringing because it failed to sink in that it will be in the 40’s overnight. I’ve heard numerous times not to underestimate how cool it will be the higher your hike takes you, so I have paired my travel wardrobe down to pieces that are easy to layer and swap out.

Now that I think I have my clothes sorted out, there are a few other items that are on my “Essential ‘Other’ Items” list (I told you that I love making lists!) I will be sure to have in my carry on.  I have tried to think of some of the every day things we might not think to pack (because they aren’t fun, like clothes and shoes!) that will make a world of difference while we are there, and realized that these items are pretty crucial to any trip that includes international travel, renting a car, and road trips in remote locations. Oh, and spectacular views that you’ll want to take a million pictures of.

The earth has musicfor those who listen. (3)

I should probably add a “How to Read a Map” handbook on there as well!!

What are some of your go-to travel essentials?


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