What We Learned on Our First Hike

While I was doing my research for our trip to Banff there were a lot of tips and tricks for picking hikes that weren't as crowded, or that resulted in a view beyond belief. But there weren't a lot of articles reminding you that trails are one-way, and that "steep incline" means switchbacks that are... Continue Reading →


Travel Essentials: Banff Edition

I'm the type of traveler that starts making lists of what I'll pack and what outfits will work best about a month before the trip . This trip to Banff hasn't been any different. I've already had to reevaluate the clothes I planned on bringing because it failed to sink in that it will be in... Continue Reading →

Dog collars That Look Good and DO Good

I had been searching for a new collar for Finn for the summer because the leather collar he usually wears really takes a beating from all his time spent at  in the lake. I wanted something colorful, sturdy, and easy to clean. That's when I found Geopetric. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and... Continue Reading →

Who Rescued Whom?

I never planned on adopting Finn. Or as he was named when I first met him, Gin. I planned on fostering him for awhile, teaching him some manners and showing him what a loving home could feel like. I needed a distraction from some of the major changes I was making in my life, and... Continue Reading →

Dog Friendly: Wild Minds Artisan Ales

We might be a little biased because it's our neighborhood brewery (South Minnie-woop woop!) but one of the best local breweries to bring your pooch has to be Wild Minds Artisan Ales. Killer beer menu aside, Wild Minds has turned this old warehouse into the perfect inside/outside location to enjoy their barrel-aged ales for two and... Continue Reading →

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